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"Sheaf of Wheat:

What is more central to civilization and the building of cultures and  history than bread and the grain from which it’s made? My strange interest in grain was spurred by my current fervor for ancient history. As I read, I kept coming across information about imported and exported grain, such as Egyptian grain for Roman subjects. The idea crystallized: I visualized a sheaf of wheat. Ceres, Demeter. I felt like I must truly be going insane because I thought about grains of wheat for days! The image kept coming back to me. So, I decided to use the iconic sheaf of wheat motif to make an Arts & Crafts style tile. I started working on it several weeks ago, finished the detailing today, covered it up and put it back in the damp room to slowly dry.


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6 Responses to Arts and Crafts Tile

  1. Mark

    Congratulations on your terrific blog — can’t wait to see more!

  2. gary

    Wheat a great idea !…… what is what i mean, you ooze artistic talent…… great ideas and certainly interesting … good luck!….. gary ( keep it coming- work at it all nite!)

    • Jan

      Gary, I’m glad you like the idea! I hope you’ll be a ‘regular’ and, my friend, your sculptures cannot be beat! I do think you’re right about putting more hours in; I was thinking of that yesterday. See you tomorrow in the studio!

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