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World Libraries: ceramics in the stacks

Dunfermline Carnegie Library

Dunfermline's Carnegie Library, Scotland. First library Carnegie built, in his birthplace, opened August 29, 1883.

To me, a public library is a measure of a place. When I move somewhere, I check out the holdings to see how much they have invested in the citizens who live in the area. If there are few holdings, it says something about a community. Listed below are links to holdings in some of the great libraries of the world. I’ve used the keyword “ceramics” in my searches, so click on the links to see what I’ve found… I don’t know the languages, but the links will take you to the holdings that came up for the keyword “ceramics” in English, en Anglais, auf…, etc.  Sometimes the search box is just empty and you have to fill it out… If you are lucky enough to know the languages of the countries listed, be my guest!

Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid

Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma, Italy

Biblioteca Palafoxiana, Mexico (www.bpm.gob.mx, link was down)

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

Delhi Public Library, India

Greater Cairo Public Library, Egypt

London Public Library, England

National Library of China, Beijing

The National Library of Korea, Seoul

New York City Public Library, USA

Russian State Library, Moscow

Sydney Public Library, Australia

Tokyo Metropolitan Libraries, Japan

Toronto Public Library, Canada

For the adventurous, click here!

Biblioteca Palafoxiana

Biblioteca Palafoxiana (Palafoxian Library) in Puebla, Mexico. Oldest library in the Americas, built in the 1600s.

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