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Creating a schedule and sticking to it. I am almost to the point where I am living this daily and I will wish and act my way forward. Not quite a mantra, not quite an admission, but maybe parts of both. Projects this week: I continued at a fairly rapid clip and am at the point where there is enough to work with, instead of the stage where everything feels ‘between.’ Last week, Otto photographed my birdhouse, which is being glaze fired this week. I used a combination of Shino and Green Oribe. The photo at the left shows the roof; the one below, the base. Shown here, the base is upside down. When it’s hanging, it will look similar the one you’ll find in this post and that birdhouse is the inspiration behind mine. When it’s finished, Mark and I will hang it in a shady spot. Ceramic birdhouses aren’t meant to be hung in sunny areas, as they will heat up and it isn’t healthy for the baby birds. This birdhouse will be hung from our Big Leaf Maple tree, on chains or covered cable. The hole you see at the base is one of the holes I’ll thread the chain through. I’ll post a pick of the finished piece next week… Another project I worked on this week entailed layering different colored slips on slabs, then wiping away areas to expose different colors. Those samples will be bisqued this week and I look forward to seeing how they turn out. I poured glossy clear glaze over part of the samples to see which I like best. I also experimented with the stamp I used for making Christmas ornaments, using every slip color the studio had…will decide which I like best. For this experiment, I again used only one layer of slip, then wiped it off to expose part of the relief. You can see some of the decorations I made earlier by clicking here. I used purple slip on all of them. A new set of Trees tiles was glaze fired last week and they turned out splendidly. I am so glad because I had a dickens of a time finishing them. Next time, the manner in which I use liquid latex will have to be altered and I’ll use some of the tips given to me to make a few changes in my approach. Beyond this, I made blank tiles and rolled out a slab. More to come in that area, because both point to big new projects for me! I am enjoying working at the studio and at home and find that if I stay on task, it works out. If I don’t, I start slacking off and I cannot afford to do that right now.

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