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Monday, August 15, 1932 edition of Saskatchewan, Canada's, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Monday, August 15, 1932 edition of Saskatchewan, Canada's, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

ENGLAND: Expansion of pottery could make 600 jobs, Ripley and Heanor News – The famed Denby Pottery is poised to enter the hospitality industry. Plans include refurbishing its factory, building a hotel, restaurant, warehouse, and outdoor activity center, in addition to enlarging its garden centre.  The village-style compound will “strengthen the existing visitor centre as a major tourist attraction and to build on the 200-year history of Denby Pottery at its home in Derbyshire.”

AUSTRALIA: Vandals destroy pottery set for exhibition, ABC News – It is a less publicized story but an important one, nonetheless. Female aboriginal artists worked nine months preparing for a show which was to open in Melbourne in February; however, their work was destroyed by vandals. I became angry when I saw the photo accompanying the article and it is quite obvious that much work went into these pieces. JSCW previously reported on the women from the Hermannsburg Pottery; click here to see that post.

INDIA: Regency imports ceramic tiles to sustain brand equity, Business Standard –  This story serves as a follow-up to the Regency tile article posted last week. To make up for lost time and a destroyed physical plant, Regency is importing tile to take the place of its own. It is going to take time for the company to return to its former level of production. Work stopped on December 5, union negotiation ended January 3, a union representative was killed, followed by rioting on January 27, and the death of the company president. To see earlier posts, click here.

UNITED STATES: Catalina Island’s pottery heyday, RGJ –  This feature story outlines the history of a pottery on the island off the coast of California. A subsidiary of the Wrigley family, makers of chewing gum, the pottery made red roof tiles from clay native to the island. In 1937, the pottery’s equipment was sold and moved to a facility in Los Angeles owned by one Gladding McBean who made dinnerware and other ceramic lines under the Catalina name.

BELGIUM: EU warns China on trade, studies new dumping claims, Reuters – The European Union is threatening to slap more tariffs on China over alleged dumping of ceramics, in addition to other goods. “‘Imports of ceramic kitchenware from China at ‘clear predatory prices’ have significantly increased over the last years, reaching a share of the EU market above 60 percent,’ the European Federation for Table- and Ornamentalware said in a statement.” Opinion varies, however, and some EU countries don’t appear to mind what is happening.

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