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Open Studio Update

Llave bronceSoon I will receive the shipment of keys, skeleton keys won off eBay. They should be here within two weeks. When I was first working with a particular decorative tile, I envisioned how it might look with a skeleton key dangling from it. I speak of the escutcheons that have gone through several incarnations. Recently, my colleague Gary mentioned that they would look good with skeleton keys and it was a nice reality check. So, 30 keys are coming my way. I will figure out how to place them after they arrive, though I have a few ideas. Update: I’ve worked hard and have produced much recently, tiles and necklaces. Along the way, I also developed a touch of something that is this the scourge of potters and ceramists everywhere, carpal tunnel problems caused by overwork. Soon I will have a wrist brace made by an orthotics outfit to wear at night. I am also doing physiotherapy, taking anti-inflammatories, icing, basically doing the RICE or PRICE technique.  My doctor told me things will be on the up and up soon if I take care of it now and follow instructions. I had better listen up, too, because I had another reality check, having worked  with clay last

Wrist stretch

Carpal tunnel stretching exercise, By Mfestejo, via Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday and Saturday. My arms felt like they were on fire each time.  My current projects are going to have to be shelved temporarily, so I can take a complete break.  During this time, I will do a few ceramics-related things that won’t involve my wrists. While I continue to be associated with our local art centre, it is time to branch out, to become part of the larger community. To that end, I am going to join some ceramics organizations. I’ve downloaded forms, read policies, like what I see, and will report more after I’m a member. In other news, I hunted for a tool with which to bevel a clay slab and found one! It has a zippy name: The Bevel-O-Matic! It is nice to come across a tool that meets your needs precisely…the Internet is a wonder! This tool is so specialized, it is unlikely I would have found it any other way. As soon as my wrists have improved, I will be back at the tiles. I cut many of them a while back and they are ready and waiting…for me and my beveler. Also, there is a new artist in residence for the ceramics department at the Port Moody Arts Centre. A sculptor, James Kemp is a recent graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He will be overseeing the Tuesday Open Studio group starting tomorrow. Thank  you for your years of service, Ms. Doyle, and welcome, James Kemp….


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Roman box tiles from Bitburg’s Villa Otrang

Roman Box Tiles

Villa Otrang, GDR: Roman ceramic box tiles which were built into the walls of buildings heated by a hypocaust to exhaust the burned gases and heat the walls. By Hpgarland via Wikimedia

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A beautiful centrepiece of porcelain flowers

Centro de flores (Porcelana Buen Retiro, MAN 1982-85-5) 02

Porcelain flower centerpiece, by Bautista family; Buen Retiro Royal Porcelain Factory, Madrid; National Archaeological Museum of Spain. Photo by Luis García via Wikimedia Commons

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ArtWalk, Day 2, Port Moody Arts Centre’s Ceramics Department

Sunday brought warm weather and a festive atmosphere, as the ArtWalk participants shared workspace with the Open Studio crew at the Port Moody Arts Centre. The slideshow includes work by Dan Severance (thrown and handbuilt pieces), a studio member (sculpture), and Gary Ruckman (horse sculptures). Faux tattoo modeled by Sylvia Hardy.

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Day 1 of my little ArtWalk adventure

The weather is turning out very well for the ArtsConnect ArtWalk in Port Moody this weekend. Below are some shots of my work: prepping at home, then displaying at the Port Moody Arts Centre ceramics studio. Tomorrow, I’ll take some close-ups of my work….


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Port Moody’s Springtime ArtWalk

 ArtsConnect’s 13th annual ArtWalk

  Opening Reception
Friday, April 20
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Old Mill Boathouse
2715 Esplanade, Rocky Point
Port Moody, British Columbia


Also featuring 

Pottery by Dan Severance
Artisan Tiles and Jewelry by Jan Pavlic

at the

Port Moody Arts Centre
Saturday, April 21-Sunday, April 22

noon to 5:00 p.m.
Ceramics Department (downstairs)
2425 St. Johns Street
Port Moody, British Columbia




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A beautiful goblet from antiquity


Terracotta goblet from Navdatoli, Malwa, India, ca. 1300 BCE, Ostasiatische Kunst Museum, Berlin, Germany. By PHGCOM via Wikimedia Commons

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