Holy electron microscope! Zoom into clay pot video

When I was in high school, I saw an ultracool video that showed  a camera zooming in on a mosquito then reversing  until we were in outer space. It was an amazing movie and had a big impact on me. Since then, technology has improved considerably and matter can be delved into much further. In this video, the viewer enters a ceramic vessel and the journey is incredible. It explores the “atomic structure of clay.” Put on your seatbelt! At first, it feels typically scientific, but quickly enters the realm of science fiction. Enjoy!

Zoom into Clay Pot by Weird_Weird_Science


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4 Responses to Holy electron microscope! Zoom into clay pot video

  1. BW Finley

    WOW! What fun and how humbling. Life is all about layers, isn’t it!

  2. Joan

    Again WOW! Totally incredible! “Clay” – a truly wondrous material!
    Thanks for sharing, Jan.

    • Jan

      Hi, Joan! So glad you enjoyed it… It certainly does give us such a greater sense of appreciation of the material… Thank you for writing! Jan xx

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