Video Tutorial: Sculpting open eyes in clay, by Joanna Mozdzen


A look at downtown London (Ontario) during a winter morning. By Mathew Campbell via Wikimedia Commons

I hope you enjoy this video tutorial as much as I do! It is one of the best I’ve seen and sculptor Joanna Mozdzen is indeed a master. She immigrated to London, Ontario, Canada from Poland, having also spent a year and a half in Italy absorbing the art and architecture. In her artist statement, she says, “In 2007, I overcame my personal fears and dedicated myself to a full-time career as a Sculptor/Mask maker.” I think this is something to which we can all relate: the fact that we must surmount our fears in order to pursue our art. And surmount it she did, as evidenced by the amazing body of work she has created.  “As a young child I loved to draw and the main themes of my artistic endeavours have mostly focused on the human face, with an emphasis on its varied facial expressions,” states Mozdzen. She recently taught an introduction to sculpting the human figure at the Arts Project  in London, Ontario. Please take a look at this beautiful video tutorial, complete with a tasteful and unobtrusive soundtrack.


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10 Responses to Video Tutorial: Sculpting open eyes in clay, by Joanna Mozdzen

  1. angie

    thank you for that l fine sculpting opened eyes difficult

  2. sean

    Hi Jan, bless you, that was just what the doctor ordered, have a couple eyes to get to here. Great blog!

    • Jan

      Thank you so much, Sean. I’d never seen or heard it explained or shown quite so well or easily as I had with her tutorial. I’m glad you liked it and are able to apply what she teaches! Cheers! —Jan

  3. This was great the eyes on my sculpt turned out fab thankyou so much for sharing

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