Make a bumblebee nest from a flower pot

Bombus terrestris cp1

Buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) Western Canada. By Calyponte via Wikimedia Commons

Note: It’s always with great joy to post this story, as it means the year has rolled around to this point. Soon it will be spring! Here, in SW British Columbia, snowdrops and crocuses are blooming and tulips are coming up… It’s time to begin this project, as authors from some of the links below informed me that queen bumblebees nest in March and April. — Jan


My neighbor, Jean, likes bees and when I am around her, I like to hear of her ‘bee adventures.’ She is also my ‘go-to’ person whenever I have a question about bees. Several years ago, she told me how to make a bumblebee nest using an ordinary clay flower pot. Based on what she said, I immediately started saving dryer lint, which she uses as nesting material (inside an upside down pot). Since I posted about toad homes, this post is a natural followup. Click here to learn why it’s important to attract bees and to find out how they can benefit your garden. I have yet to see my first bumblebee this year, but it’s still only February. I’m sure I’ll soon see a big bumblebee motoring along slowly along. Now is the time to place your nests, though, so they’ll be ready to attract a queen bumblebee! I have listed some lovely sites which will show you how to make your bee nest. It’s so easy! Remember: an upside down pot and lint for stuffing. I am sure there is a bumblebee out there somewhere who will move into the abode I will prepare for it. The bumblebee is an important pollinator and its slow sojourns take it over quite a territory. If you want to attract more bumblebees, grow plants they like. Click here for a list of plants that attract bees…very important. And what post about bumblebees would be complete without Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”? Below these links is a video of Croatian Maksim Mrvica’s thrilling version!

How to build a bumblebee nest – part 1 – a how-to about building the nest

How to build a bumblebee nest – part 2 – a how-to about nesting material and placing your nest

Plans for bumblebee nestboxes – how to plus diagrams

How to make a bumblebee nest – the BBC gardening site’s how-to

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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