It’s raku time! Let’s go outside and fire up the kilns….

Raku gestookte bal

Raku fired ball. JeroenPascal from the Netherlands via Wikimedia Commons

Jacques Huther during a meeting of raku

Jacques Huther‪ during a raku‬ ‪session‬. Niouz via Wikimedia Commons

Hrnčířské trhy Beroun 2011, raku

Pottery fair in Beroun in 2011, Czech Republic. By Juandev via Wikimedia Commons

Horsehair Vase Judge's Special Award Mashiko 2006 Swanica Ligtenberg

Horsehair Vase Judge’s Special Award Mashiko, 2006. By Swanica Ligtenberg; work and image; via Creative Commons

1 vase boule turquoise

‪Ceramic vase boule, turquoise‬. By Isabelle Milliot (Own work) via Creative Commons

4 japonaise

‪Figure seen in profile, Japanese style. By Isabelle Milliot (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Ogata Kenzan - Incense Box in the Shape of a Folding Fan - Walters 491372 - Open

By Ogata Kenzan – Incense Box, 1663-1743. Walters Art Museum via Wikimedia Commons


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2 Responses to It’s raku time! Let’s go outside and fire up the kilns….

  1. gary

    our rain infested weather is spectacular for raku the worse it is the better it is!….. true! hopefully I will be able to raku that earless horse the first sunday in april at our raku!

    • Jan

      Oh, Gary, you’re so funny! I’m champing at the bit myself…have some ideas and I look forward to seeing your raku horse, too… Hope you and Bonnie have a good weekend… — Jan

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