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Raku Kitty

A slide show of a recent dry raku workshop is coming soon. In the meantime, I thought you might find these photos amusing. Our cat, Rosie, has taken to a shallow bowl I fired that day. She doesn’t look happy about having her photo taken here, but she adores that bowl. Whether it’s on the floor, couch or table, she’s in it. No chance to use it for anything else, as she has fully appropriated it! Dan Severance’s dry raku workshop was grand and I’m glad I fired more pieces, as I need something to show for it, something I can call my own. 🙂


Rosie in her bowl.



Rosie sleeping; Hudson Bay blanket backdrop.

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November 13, 2013 · 7:03 pm

Jane Street Clayworks: Looking behind at ’12, looking ahead at ’13

Thank you for reading Jane Street Clayworks during 2012. You give meaning to what I do here and without you this blog would be a completely solo venture. While the numbers have yet to be crunched with Google Analytics, I’ll soon will be able to announce which posts were the year’s favorites. This will be helpful, as I want to know what you liked best during 2012, so I can tailor more coverage to your tastes. Speaking of which, we’ve entered our third year and it is my fond hope that you continue enjoying Jane Street Clayworks in 2013!

Over the year, I learned much more about social media and the upshot is that the blog went through a major transition. I created an Etsy shop, Facebook business page and connected them to my blog. I updated my LinkedIn page and connected it, too. The learning curve was very steep, at times, and it took me months of studying and experimenting. Thank goodness for YouTube and the Dummies books series! I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Seminars through Small Business BC were invaluable and I have yet to implement everything I’ve learned. Of course, having a new iMac and Dragon voice dictation program makes all the difference, as well as switching to a vertical mouse, which is easy on the wrist. I began developing a new logo several months ago and will be completing work on it as soon as I’m up and running with my new Photoshop Elements program. I’m also test driving a new blog theme and my ‘identity package’ will be soon be complete and the look cohesive.

Blog content also went through transitions in 2012. The news agenda had been fairly regimented, with set coverage on specific days of the week. I changed that, dropped news and workshop coverage near the midpoint of the year. I will incorporate a new version of this later in the spring, maybe in a monthly format. Less locale coverage meant a broader appeal. Because I was distracted by getting up to speed with social media, I was not able to devote nearly as much time to blogging. There were times when I could only post a photo or re-post a favorite article run in the past. Now, I am back on task and must simply keep the plates spinning….

The year 2013 will bring many more changes. Last year, I ran some ideas past my “particular friends,” as Jane Austen would say, and they very much liked what these ideas. To start with, the blog jingle, “exploring ceramics and creativity” will be changed to reflect the makeover. For the duration, I will keep the name to Jane Street Clayworks because of the established of SEO connections.

Next, will be broadening of focus. Writing about ceramics, pottery and sculpture continues to delight and coverage of these areas won’t change. New areas of focus will include the following:

  • fine craft —  examples: master woodworkers, the origin of craft guilds, etc.
  • fine art — examples: individual artists, styles, movements, and techniques
  • writing — examples: specific authors, genres, pieces.
  • social media — examples: experiential pieces, trends, relationship to art
  • reviewing — art exhibitions, books, movies, etc.
  • Science and philosophy will not be out of bounds, either.

Series of three paintings by RB Kitaj, 243.8 x76, 2 cm, The Arabist, The Greek, The Spanish scholar. By L. A. GARCĂŤA ( via Wikimedia

In short, I will write about what appeals and continue to work with the foundation: ceramics. I’ll start slowly and will storyboard with you in mind at all times. The new focus won’t dominate the blog, so it will still be a recognizable and familiar resource. I have been itching to write about certain things, though, and will give myself leave to do it if I think it’ll interest you. I want to acquaint or reacquaint you with certain works. The first artist to be featured will be R.B. Kitaj, too little known and too little appreciated.

The year 2013 will be great fun at Jane Street Clayworks and you are all welcome to come on board because we’re about to embark on a most amazing journey! Happy New Year!!


— Jan


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Blog redesign in progress

 I am experimenting with a new look for Jane Street Clayworks, toying with magazine-style formats with two sidebars. Am working on sidebar widths; some are spilling over borders. Will fix shortly! The toolbar and background was edited today and I continue to test out this template. I cleaned up the look of the sidebars, as they were too busy, visually. I placed an Amazon aStore sidebar on the right side, with a separate aStore page, too, found through the toolbar. Will be experimenting for a couple of days with this theme, so please bear with my blog redesign. Any comments about the new look? Would so appreciate your feedback! Thanks! — Jan

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Please ‘like’ our new Facebook business page!

Facebook like thumbUpdate: Many thanks to those of you who have ‘liked’ my page. Your response was so terrific and FB has granted us access to the biz page SEO tools I need. Thank you!

What better time to explore than in the fall, when the cold is setting in and we heed the siren call of the Internet? Just imagine it’s spring and you are setting off on a footpath through a beautiful wood…. In the fall, we can give ourselves permission to armchair travel, with a good book, taking the road less traveled or we can enjoy having the time to surf the Internet. Yes, we can do these things, all in the comfort of our homes, with a cup of tea or coffee at our sides. In a way, it’s perfect timing, because Tuesday, Jane Street Clayworks’ new Facebook business page went live! Duplication of content will be minimized, so there will be less information overlap with blog posts. You won’t be bored and communication will become more interactive! I would really appreciate it if you would become a part of the community by clicking the ‘like’ button on our page. If you want to go directly to my Facebook business page, click the link above…that way you’ll be able to take a look at the content. If you’re in a rush, you can just click the like button on the sidebar to the right. Either way, we’d sure appreciate your effort! Thank you in advance and here’s to  exploring! If you already have ‘liked’ it, thank you so much and now let’s go have some fun! — Jan



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