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Grand Opening of site’s first amazon aStore!

Unidientified Orange FlowersBloomin’ lovely! Today we open our first amazon aStore! If you look on the toolbar above you’ll find the link. What this means is that Jane Street Clayworks has opened an amazon store that features goods sold in US currency. On Wednesday, I will open another one that trades in Canadian currency. An aStore is connected to amazon.com and you can shop through it directly, just as you would with amazon, ordinarily.

The template I’ve used is still a work in progress and I will be tweaking it over the next week. Basically, I have set up a store that offers goods in the following categories:

  • Books and Manuals (The Books and Manuals section includes print matter pertaining to ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. Also included are materials on creativity and art appreciation.)
  • Business (The Business section includes media focusing on business topics relevant to ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. )
  • Digital Products (Once it’s full, the Digital Products section will include DVDs, Kindle books, CDs and MP3s. Chosen topics are relevant to ceramists, potters, sculptors. In addition, for those interested, there is also material focusing on creativity and art appreciation.)
  • Magazines (The Magazines section includes magazines and periodicals about ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. )
  • Storage (The Storage section focuses on containers for storing and transporting tools.)

Jane Street Clayworks is now a multi-tool hub focusing on ceramics and creativity. I recently opened an online Etsy shop and you’ll find the link for that on the toolbar above, too. The aStore is a go-to store for resources, tools, and materials…aimed at artisans working with clay or those who are interested.

Sometimes, when you click on an item the next box that comes up will say something like,  “unavailable or we do not sell that item.” This is especially the case with the rarer books. Not to worry and I do know that it is like that… just click the link below where it it talks about availability on another part of the site. Once there, you can choose a seller close to you who uses the form of currency you do and you can purchase the item safely through them… because it is still through the Amazon site.



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