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Grand Opening of site’s first amazon aStore!

Unidientified Orange FlowersBloomin’ lovely! Today we open our first amazon aStore! If you look on the toolbar above you’ll find the link. What this means is that Jane Street Clayworks has opened an amazon store that features goods sold in US currency. On Wednesday, I will open another one that trades in Canadian currency. An aStore is connected to amazon.com and you can shop through it directly, just as you would with amazon, ordinarily.

The template I’ve used is still a work in progress and I will be tweaking it over the next week. Basically, I have set up a store that offers goods in the following categories:

  • Books and Manuals (The Books and Manuals section includes print matter pertaining to ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. Also included are materials on creativity and art appreciation.)
  • Business (The Business section includes media focusing on business topics relevant to ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. )
  • Digital Products (Once it’s full, the Digital Products section will include DVDs, Kindle books, CDs and MP3s. Chosen topics are relevant to ceramists, potters, sculptors. In addition, for those interested, there is also material focusing on creativity and art appreciation.)
  • Magazines (The Magazines section includes magazines and periodicals about ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. )
  • Storage (The Storage section focuses on containers for storing and transporting tools.)

Jane Street Clayworks is now a multi-tool hub focusing on ceramics and creativity. I recently opened an online Etsy shop and you’ll find the link for that on the toolbar above, too. The aStore is a go-to store for resources, tools, and materials…aimed at artisans working with clay or those who are interested.

Sometimes, when you click on an item the next box that comes up will say something like,  “unavailable or we do not sell that item.” This is especially the case with the rarer books. Not to worry and I do know that it is like that… just click the link below where it it talks about availability on another part of the site. Once there, you can choose a seller close to you who uses the form of currency you do and you can purchase the item safely through them… because it is still through the Amazon site.



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Ceramics Books Published Winter/Spring 2011

Surface Design for Ceramics (A Lark Ceramics Book), by Maureen Mills. Paperback. $13.89 US (amazon.com), $16.89 CDN (amazon.ca). New edition of book originally published in 2008. Pre-order: April 5th release date.

Amazon blurb: “Ceramists of any level will benefit from this comprehensive studio reference about surface design and the many techniques for embellishing clay. Detailed images inform every phase of the process-from the wet and leather-hard stages through bisque ware, to firing and post-firing. Recipes are supplemented by design theory and historical examples.”

Pottery & Ceramics, Glass, Metal: A Walk into Islamic History, by Abdul Latif Jassim Kanoo, Samar Al Gailani, Tarek Waly. Hardback. $50.40 US (amazon.com), $58.59 CDN (amazon.ca).  Pre-order for May 17th release date.

Said to be lavishly illustrated, the Amazon blurb says that “there are a number of pronounced characteristics which distinguish this art from other forms and underscore its unity. Among these are the use of calligraphy as a central design theme in the decoration of objects; the free use of decorative motifs, particularly recognised repetitive geometric and foliate forms; the bold use of colours without gradation.”

The Art of Toshiko Takaezu: In the Language of Silence, edited by Peter Held. Hardback. $25.33 US (amazon.com), $24.53 CDN (amazon.ca). Pre-order for March 31st release date.

Amazon blurb says the book “traces the artistic development of renowned potter Toshiko Takaezu, this masterful study celebrates and analyzes an artist who holds a significant place in the post-World War II craft movement in America.”

Fukami: Purity of Form, edited by Andreas Marks. Hardback. $31.50 US (amazon.com), $46.02 CDN (amazon.ca). Pre-order for May 1st release date.

Amazon blurb: “Born in Kyoto in 1947, Fukami Sueharu belongs to a generation of ceramic artists in postwar Japan who devoted themselves to the creation of sculptural ceramics, free from traditional forms. He is internationally known for his polished, razor-sharp, minimalist porcelain sculptures with elegant pale bluish glaze inspired by Chinese porcelains of the 10th to 14th centuries. He can be considered the most successful living Japanese artist working in any medium.”

Surfaces and Textures: A Visual Sourcebook, by Polly O’Neil. Paperback. $17.63 US (amazon.com), $11.19 CDN (amazon.ca). Pre-order in the US for a March 15 release date; already available in Canada.

Amazon blurb: “The author has captured fascinating aspects of both natural and man-made things otherwise overlooked, showing the reader their hidden qualities. Elements of skips, old paint, driftwood and stone walls from around the world all contribute to a range of beautiful patterns and samples which make up this selection of photographs. Every surface tells a story and these beautiful images provide a visual sourcebook for artists from all areas of the Visual Arts.”

This Blessed Plot, This Earth: English Pottery Studies in Honour of Jonathan Horne, edited by Amanda Dunsmore. Hardback. $56.19 US (amazon.com), $65.00 CDN (amazon.ca). Pre-order for a May 1st release date.

Amazon blurb: “Encompassing a broad range of new research, over 30 specialists from around the world consider topics including the first pottery in James Fort, North America; shipping containers for Atlantic ceramic cargoes; Delftware exports to the West Indies; recent archaoeological discoveries in London; an 18th-century duke’s bill for ceramicware; and the 16th-century Rheinland stoneware industry in England.”

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