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Canada Day at the Open Studio

Mark and I decided to stroll on over to the arts centre on Canada Day, July 1st. Gary had said some new horses had just come out of the kiln and I wanted to see them. As it turned out, it was a perfect visit with a small working group made up of Gary, Otto, Sylvia and Judy. That must have been nice for them, as Sundays are usually a bit of a madhouse! We got to see their new projects, current and finished. It was great dropping by and visiting with them and made Canada Day special. Take a look at the slide show to see what we were all up to that day. Click through to the Flickr site if you’d like to see cutlines or a larger sized slide show. Not sure why they don’t show up on the blog version (#$%@&!!).

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Open Studio Update

Kneden van kleiWe were all quite busy during Open Studio today, all making headway on our various projects. The slide show below features the work of Nan, Joan, Taryn, Gary, Pauline and myself. I am happy to say that I have finally learned Flickr well enough to present photos with good resolution for this particular slide show. (Click any photo to be taken to the blog’s Flickr site, as the subtitles are visible there. These photos are larger size on that site, showing more detail. You can also work with the slide show’s toolbar here by hovering over the top or bottom with your cursor.)


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Open Studio Update

Well, I’ve gone and done it… made myself sick over the pressure of wanting to get things done. Just a virus, but I’m very aware that it was brought on by having an unrealistic to-do list. So, for the last two days, I’ve backed off completely. Every once in a while I come back to this theme and it’s because I need to be reminded that I’m not Superwoman. Sometimes the desire to succeed, to create, to perform becomes a heckuva pressure, though. When I get caught up in it, I start moving fast and try to accomplish too much. Instead of positive motivation, I am fueled by fear, which becomes stress. Once the dust settles, I always comes back to this: “Why am I working in clay?”. After a fashion, when my answers start surfacing, they are always balm for the soul. I’ve never let myself down because it’s the true heart of the matter: “For the joy of creating.”  “To explore my creativity.” “To see where it leads.” When I consider my true, deep down intentions, then compare them to  the nattering self-talk that makes me so frazzled,White-duvet I realize I have to go back to the drawing board over expectations. When I do, I always end up acknowledging they are a trap that leads to no good. So, here I sit in my bathrobe. Yesterday, I treated myself to cartoons on television, many of which I hadn’t seen for years, and it was good medicine. Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, the Flintstones, the Jetsons. Cushioned by pillows and blankets on the couch, I just dozed between cartoons.

When I consider what I actually have accomplished lately, I blink my eyes, wondering how I could ever think it was not enough. Here’s a rundown of what I did since last week.

  •  Made a plaster mold for some new relief work
  •  Underglazed and glazed about 36 pendants
  •  Waxed and glazed a new batch of Northern Lights tiles
  •  Retrieved newly bisqued escutcheon tiles,
  •  along with a stack of tiles from my new series

What I had planned on doing yesterday will be put off until next week because I’m going to take short break while I finish a few other things. Tomorrow, I will go to the studio to pick up about 50-60 glazed pendants, along with the aurora tiles. On Tuesday, if I feel restored, I will make several tests of my new tile series, using celadon and other glazes and glass. I will also start a new batch of 6 x 6 tiles that will be part of my new series. I’ll also check the drying stage of a batch of Sunrise tiles and new relief stamps, a dragonfly and two ginkgo leaves. And do so only if I am filled with the sheer joy of creativity, unfettered by expectations. I could have disregarded my health and well-being and gone in yesterday to work on all these things. But for what purpose? I’m not competing with anyone. So, it’s good medicine and self-love time. As I take a break and relax, my fears abate and as this happens, I start becoming well once again.


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Open Studio Update

Creating a schedule and sticking to it. I am almost to the point where I am living this daily and I will wish and act my way forward. Not quite a mantra, not quite an admission, but maybe parts of both. Projects this week: I continued at a fairly rapid clip and am at the point where there is enough to work with, instead of the stage where everything feels ‘between.’ Last week, Otto photographed my birdhouse, which is being glaze fired this week. I used a combination of Shino and Green Oribe. The photo at the left shows the roof; the one below, the base. Shown here, the base is upside down. When it’s hanging, it will look similar the one you’ll find in this post and that birdhouse is the inspiration behind mine. When it’s finished, Mark and I will hang it in a shady spot. Ceramic birdhouses aren’t meant to be hung in sunny areas, as they will heat up and it isn’t healthy for the baby birds. This birdhouse will be hung from our Big Leaf Maple tree, on chains or covered cable. The hole you see at the base is one of the holes I’ll thread the chain through. I’ll post a pick of the finished piece next week… Another project I worked on this week entailed layering different colored slips on slabs, then wiping away areas to expose different colors. Those samples will be bisqued this week and I look forward to seeing how they turn out. I poured glossy clear glaze over part of the samples to see which I like best. I also experimented with the stamp I used for making Christmas ornaments, using every slip color the studio had…will decide which I like best. For this experiment, I again used only one layer of slip, then wiped it off to expose part of the relief. You can see some of the decorations I made earlier by clicking here. I used purple slip on all of them. A new set of Trees tiles was glaze fired last week and they turned out splendidly. I am so glad because I had a dickens of a time finishing them. Next time, the manner in which I use liquid latex will have to be altered and I’ll use some of the tips given to me to make a few changes in my approach. Beyond this, I made blank tiles and rolled out a slab. More to come in that area, because both point to big new projects for me! I am enjoying working at the studio and at home and find that if I stay on task, it works out. If I don’t, I start slacking off and I cannot afford to do that right now.

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