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Open Studio Update

The Washbrook Lane Snowdrops This has been a very busy week folks and while I’m keeping to my MWF schedule, I’m publishing posts later than usual. Please bear with me… I am always thankful for your readership. This week, had to be businesslike and tell my friends I wouldn’t be able to join them at the local restaurant on Open Studio days for a whole month. Naturally, I will miss the socializing, but am finding that after I break for lunch and visiting, my brain goes in siesta mode. At the present, I feel very focused and must stay focused. It appeared that we were all quite busy yesterday. Nan was working with underglaze is on slabs. Otto was staining the bust of the man smoking a cigar and trying to figure out what to do with the base it sits upon, to make it light or dark. Dan had made up some beautiful new glazes and unearthed and reconstituted some old ones. I used some of the latter and Pauline suggested I use one of the new variegated glazes on some of my tiles. As she was talking, she was trying to figure out which glazes she would use on Crocus tommasinianus LC0031 a bisqued soft box she’d made. Three of Joan’s black animal miniatures turned out perfectly… a manganese glaze that looks metallic. Speaking of metallic, Gary glazed one of his big horses in bronze and it looks fantastic. A real wowza piece! No camera this week, but I’ll take photos next time. As for myself, I have been keeping to an ambitious schedule, working long hours in both the studio and at home. It has taken me time to hit my stride, as far as a production schedule goes, and I won’t be letting up anytime soon. Aside from producing a lot of work, I find such intense contact with clay is very stress relieving and grounding. It’s also healthy! Wedging and working clay is physically active and I felt like I’d engaged in quite the aerobic tilemaking the other day…I kid you not! At present, I continue to build my inventory, only now it is becoming quite apparent. (Jan pats herself on the back.) I took one step further today by signing up for the local art walk. As I told my husband last evening, I remember when we’d attended an art walk in Bellingham, Washington years ago… must’ve been in the early 1990s. Back then, I never would have dreamt that my work would eventually be exhibited in such an event and I don’t mind saying so. It was a time when I was not as fully connected with my art as I had been, what with immigration and a new career. I did do some throwing during those years, but nothing consistent. Later, as I attended art walks in my locale and appreciated people’s work, I always felt a little tug on theJonquil up close heartstrings when I saw clay work. The feeling was most notable last year, when I thought, gee whiz, I could do this… And, this year, it will be a dream come true. Three neighboring cities come together for this event: ArtsConnect’s ArtWalk. Today was the deadline for applying and I dashed down to the arts centre with my application and check. While there, I checked to see if my pendants were out of the kiln… no, not yet…but I brought home 10 completed Snowfall tiles. Yesterday, I also finished five Sunrise tiles, placed 10 from my new series in the bisque area, and began finish work on five Sheaf of Wheat tiles. Tomorrow, I’ll go pick up the glazed pendants and think about jewelry findings. I have a Creativity Group workshop to conduct on the 25th and must be ready for it. All in all, a mighty productive time and soon it will be full-on spring. I already have lettuce and radishes coming up in my little greenhouse!


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Pottery News Briefs

Ceramic Artist Awarded $65,000 Fellowship, Voxy – “Baye Riddell is a much-admired leader of the Māori ceramic movement and we are pleased to award him the 2011 Creative New Zealand Craft/Object Fellowship.” Having worked as a ceramics tutor,  Riddell is looking forward to artistic exploration and extending  knowledge of low-cost firing.

Dorothy Miner Ceramics Collection is Focal Point of Cowans+Clark+DelVecchio Auction, ARTFIXdaily – An auction of the collection of New Yorker Dorothy Miner (1936-2008) Pieces include works by “Betty Woodman, Lucie Rie, Peter Voulkos, Richard Devore,” Rudy Autio and others. The auction takes place at Cowan’s Auctions salesroom on June 4, 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Free studio tours offer Winnipeggers a glimpse into artists’ creative realms, CBC“This weekend you can take an studio tour and meet artists working in many media – paintings, ceramics, sculpture, watercolour, printmaking, glass art, jewellery-making, wearable art and more. And here’s a phrase Winnipeggers love to hear:  It’s free.”

Madison County man working on options to keep iconic Bybee Pottery in business, Daily Reporter – Jimmy Cornelison won’t let a pottery that operated near Richmond, Virginia, for 200 + years close “without a fight.” The economic downswing over the last three years have brought the business to its lowest ebb. When it was up and running, it produced  “folk-art plates, pots, bowls, mugs and other items.”

Fired-up tales of ceramics in wonderland, The Japan Times – Excellent overview of emerging Japanese ceramic artists who are part of a show that runs till June 14 at Tomio Koyama Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.

New Exhibition Celebrates Clay Through The Ages & From Around The World, Antiques and the Arts Online –  A new Denver Art Museum exhibition runs June 11-September 18. “Celebrating the prolific and diverse material, ‘Marvelous Mud’ reveals how clay has shaped culture, creativity, science and industry over time and around the globe.” Some of the works date from 300 to 1300.

Walls come alive with 3D, Business Standard – “…the recent innovation in the ceramics industry — 3D tiles’. There’s more to it. Ceramics also offer digital tiles that have imprinted high resolution pictures and can produce thousands of uniformly designed tiles with no variance in colour or pattern.”

Designs for the future, The Star – “The Rado True Thinline is touted as the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch.” The Swiss watchmaker has been in the forefront of technnological change and this is its newest innovation.


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Open Studio on ArtWalk Day, April 17th

We had so much fun in the studio yesterday! It was the last day of the ArtWalk and we were all feeling festive. Pauline Doyle and Dan Severance showed their lovely work in the main studio area. I’d say about 100 or more people came by the studio. After seeing Pauline and Dan’s work, couples, families and individuals worked their way down the hall, looking at displays. Finally, they arrived at the area where the Open Studio crew was working, the throwing room, the glazing/kiln room and the space between. As Gary sculpted his horse, he drew quite a crowd. Many people had never see such a work in progress and they were spellbound. Gary’s friendly and he chatted and answered all their questions. Sylvia wedged clay and threw along with Lily. And there were treats aplenty.

Action: While Gary did sculpted, I worked on my tiles and bird house. I finished three terra-cotta tiles, then, sandwiched them between plaster bats to hasten drying time. My “Sheaf of Wheat” tile had been bisqued and I brought it home to mold. Interestingly, the mold that grew on the clay during the lengthy drying period didn’t burn out when bisqued. It stained the tile. It won’t affect my tile, since I’ll glazed it after molding, but I thought it was curious…. Shifted the brown sugar medallions to the bisque area, as they’re bone dry. After firing, I’ll give them to friends. Just a little something….

Plans: My oil lamps were glaze fired but I’m going to have to redo them because they aren’t sealed on the bottom. Did I wipe the glaze off before firing, like usual? Silly me. The entire bottom half of the lamps needs to be glazed, so the oil doesn’t seep through when I light them. Will reglaze, then fire upside down. No sweat… Let’s see, I worked on my bird house and am very happy with it. The lid is well-supported during the drying phase and it isn’t cracking. However, this coming Tuesday, I have to do some serious work on the whole bird house:

  • cut a hole sized to the type of bird I want to attract,
  • assemble the bird house to figure out where I’ll cut holes to thread the chains,
  • affix the decorative knobs at the top and bottom,
  • test the nesting platform to see if it’s stable,
  • finish all decorative treatment,
  • check under the lid and inside the house for cracks,
  • fix any cracks I find with paper clay,
  • and, finally, start thinking of my glaze treatment.

The bird house will hang from a big leaf maple tree, as I want it to be shaded. Direct sun could hurt the baby birds. About glazing…I do intend to glaze the inside, even though it will make it heavier. If you’ve ever cleaned out a bird house at the end of a season, you know about the insects and larvae that  cling to the inside walls. A sealed interior will be easier to clean.

The first sparrow of spring! The year beginning with younger hope than ever!… What at such a time are histories, chronologies, traditions, and all written revelations? The brooks sing carols and glees to the spring.” — Henry David Thoreau

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Port Moody ArtWalk features Pauline Doyle

12th Annual Port Moody ArtWalk


Pauline Doyle

at the Port Moody Arts Centre

April 16th & 17th, noon to 5:00 p.m.

2425 St Johns Street
Port Moody, BC

(604) 931-2008

Pauline Doyle is the Artist-in-Residence at the Port Moody Centre and, as such, she manages the Clay Department, teaches classes to people of all ages, and works in her art studio. “I am inspired by visual artists and other art forms such as poetry, drama or music. Life and nature inspires me as well,” writes Pauline in her Artist’s Statement. I’ve seen Pauline Doyle work over a period of several years and find work highly imaginative and her techniques refined. She explores themes in an in-depth fashion. Come on down to the Port Moody Arts Centre tomorrow to see Pauline’s artwork firsthand and to talk with her in person! If you want to read more about Pauline’s work, click here. Inquiries can be directed to info@pomoartscentre.ca.

We cannot display this gallery

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