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Progress Report for Jane Street Clayworks

W & H Sch grandfather clock face 2

Progress Report meets Father Time: The face of a W & H Sch grandfather clock at the Marines’ Memorial Hotel in San Francisco. By BrokenSphere via Wikimedia Commons

Oh, yes, I’ve too many irons in the fire. Add to that the fact that I’m not a multi-tasker! But, soon, soon, my I’ll finish my tasks. Today, I’m posting the new blog banner… It’s a little darker than the version on my Etsy site. I’ll tinker and decide which I like best… When my logo’s done (currently on the back burner), I’ll pop it into the various photo slots now filled with the stacked letters. I remind myself that if I continue to be patient and keep plodding along, it’ll all be done soon:

Progress Report:

  • Facebook biz page, in progress
  • LinkedIn page, need to update
  • Logo, in progress
  • Other monetization, in progress
  • Begin making artwork again, when everything else is done

A friend and I joined forces and have been holding each other accountable with bi-monthly meetings. We chart the progress of our respective online projects and have fun, too. We spell out our progress reports when we meet and send our ‘to do’ lists to each other between times. I must make mine out and send it…I received hers and must reciprocate…. Since we’ve started being accountable this way, I am amazed at how much I’ve accomplished. It’s easy to procrastinate and twiddle thumbs by oneself, but when you have an accountability buddy system, it’s grand. It is sometimes easy to let ourselves down, but we don’t want to let another down, especially if we’re committed to the process. A practically fool-proof method! More changes will become apparent sooner than later, as a result… 🙂

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Social Media & Ceramics

Social media revolution

Infographic about Social Media Revolution

Last week, I had the good fortune to begin the first of a number of social media courses I’ll be taking this fall. One of the things that was discussed was the need to prevent being spammy with our efforts. Afterward, I started thinking about my blog posts because each day, I post them to my personal Facebook profile. I wondered if that might be considered spam, so I created a poll with the Facebook question and poll tool. I had not done my homework, though, and soon learned it wasn’t a legitimate instrument of measure, as there is no anonymity. The photo of anyone who responds is shown. Doesn’t exactly encourage the type of response I needed, because who wants to say, ‘Yes, your  posts have become spammy’ if their photos are going to be right next to that line. Hmmm. I do appreciate the positive responses of friends who said they wanted me to continue to post on the Wall, but if I’ll have to use Survey Monkey next time. When I begin my Facebook business page and ask my friends to ‘like’ it, I will have to be very careful to not post  the same things on both Walls on the same day. May use HootSuite, which is used to manage multiple sites, which I’ll have after all of this is finished.

WLA brooklynmuseum Japanese Bowl 18th century Porcelain

Japanese Bowl, 18th century Porcelain, Brooklyn Museum

You may well ask what any of this has to do with ceramics! Well, it’s all part of a Grrrand Plan… I like community and love community-building communities. As a blogger, it took time getting my feet wet, then going daily, then becoming self-hosted. (I’m still working on that last part.) Because I’ve busied myself these ways, I’ve had little time left over to find out about the very active clay community that meets and greets through social media. I’ve sign up and have been a silent member in a number of them up till now. Time to branch out while JSCW is on a 3 x week post schedule. There is a whole Universe waiting out there for me and us…I say ‘us’ because it is my fond hope that this site become an active member in the communities. LinkedIn has many ceramics groups, about has a forum, Facebook has numerous sites related to clay. I long to be part of these groups. To learn, to grow, be become inspired by the various members. Not looking for power or control, but community and being part of the vast online ceramics community that is a world-wide phenomena, thanks to Social Media.

WP April 2011, Editor Survey, Female editors use more social media

From April 2011 Editor Survey that shows female editors are heavier users of Social Media

Tomorrow, I head back downtown to attend a Social Media Law seminar and for the rest of the month I’ll be hopping on the bus or light rail to get more learnin’. I thrive on it and am ready to put it to use to improve Jane Street Clayworks, along with my own artwork. I’ll be posting the course schedule I’ve signed up for soon because it’s well worth it and I want to pay it forward. Once my courses are over and I’ve decided which social media venues to take part in, things will change once again. It’s all part of life’s rich pageant and my community, our community is waiting for us…

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From magic lantern to digital slide show….

“If I want the rainbow, I have to put up with the rain.”

Just when I thought things were going a little better, I learned that none of the slide shows on the site are intact. I’m glad I found out when I did, though, because it helps me plan. I attempted to post a slide show tonight but it wasn’t user-friendly enough for a non-techie like me and it’s time to use my remaining grace period with WordPress Support to ask for help. I’ve given it my best shot. I would like a slide show program installed, along with an Etsy storefront, even though I’m not quite ready to use it, and the capacity to use serifed fonts, because I also noticed my posts are sans serif…yoiks. Because I’ve chosen to keep the communication thread going with you, in lieu of a ‘pretty’ transition behind the scenes while using an ‘under construction’ sign. Add subscriptions and Feedburner to the list, too. I’ll approach WP with a laundry list and feel grateful for any step that is made a little easier for me and, ultimately, you. The slide show biz is crucial, though, because the former ones either have no pics at all now or they’re outsized and run higgly piggly throughout the articles. This means that, once I have a slide show program that works, I’ll be restoring them as best I can and altering individual pics that are now a bit skewed, in relation to text. I cringed visibly when I looked at a page with pics that were too big…it really offended my designer instincts. This update also is my means of informing you that while I’m in for the long haul, things are continuing to go a little slower than I thought. I was confronted with an instance in which I needed to use CSS computer language today. It ain’t gonna happen…phew. Having laid my cards on the table, I am easing up to the extent that I can think happy thoughts. I have my grandfather’s old slide projector, a heavy black device that tucks away in its little carrying case. His movie screen is in my storage unit…the kind that has a surface made of what look like minute plastic beads… I’ve used them both and loved doing it each time. Each slide has to be viewed individually and when the lamp gets too hot, the whole projector has to be switched off. Several weeks ago, I also saw an old carousel-style projector at Value Village and it reminded me of when my Dad meticulously labeled slides and placed them in carousels with descriptive tags. The ‘old days.’ Dad and grandpa would have been impressed with the online slide show. So will I, once I’ve learned how to do it!

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Jane Street Clayworks Update: Digitization & Dirt

BLOG: Things are inching closer toward observable change. Next week, I meet about a new computer set-up. Several weeks ago, when I was in Spokane, I visited the Apple store to compare iMacs and laptops. I lifted the latter, trying to decide how wide and heavy I’d go. I considered the former, to decide how wide I’d go. My supplier will also assess my needs and give me feedback. Plus, an occupational therapist did an ergonomic assessment of my home workspace, so his input will be factored in, as well. I’ll be getting a monitor arm if I choose an iMac and, either way, all peripherals will be wireless. It looks like I’ll use Dragon voice recognition software with my computer and  word-to-text digital recorder. I’ve not conducted interviews or written full-length features for some time, as I’m waiting for my upgrade. It’s too hard on me, physically, to do it any other way. In addition, I have been given the go-ahead to take mini-courses focusing on social media, small business, production, law. Specific books have been lined up, too, including Social Media Marketing for Dummies, Search Engine Optimization For Dummies, We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing.

CLAY: Within a week’s time, the molds I’ve made will be bisque fired. This summer, has been a time for experimenting with production methods and treatments. I still intend to have a link to an e-commerce storefront, but have yet to decide on the venue. Investigating Etsy, ArtFire, Red Bubble, and more. My style comes under the Arts & Crafts School and I’m presently experimenting with the cuerda seca and cuenca methods used with Art Nouveau ceramics. I’m getting ready to enter a clay only stage. Up to now, I’ve taken part in a program that has helping me get going with my blog/biz idea, but the paperwork/planning took so much time, I had less brain power left over for clay. I am still in the program but am about to exit the planning phase and enter the doing phase. I’m ready to hunker down with my creativity. Asking the Universe to postpone any planned distractions or crises for a time. At the crossroads…. Business advisor stage done. Check. Vacation over. Check. Mom’s surgery was successful; she’s on the mend. Check. New computer set-up on the horizon. Check. Claywork for benefit donations done or nearly done. Check. Desire and motivation to concentrate on clay strong. Check. I have a great need to enter the vein and will pay less attention to externals. Does this also have to do with the time of year? The transition from summer to fall as a time of focus? We are thoroughly enjoying the vestiges of summer, but change is nigh.


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