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New life for your cracked pottery

I heard the bowl break before I realized what happened. I was lifting a tile to put it up on a shelf; it slipped out of my fingers and crashed in the sink, smashing a bowl (no damage to the tile). Deb made that bowl and it was the one I liked the best. Darn. When it happened, I thought @#&%?!! I considered gluing it back together but thought ‘What can I do with a glued bowl?” A mug can be a pencil jar, but a bowl? Serendipity intervened today in the form of a lovely idea, however. I can still enjoy Deb’s bowl in a new incarnation. My neighbor told me about Maria’s yard a few years ago and I was reminded today. Maria, who has a ceramic studio in her garage, has lovely flower gardens into which she has placed broken and chipped pottery. They aren’t placed haphazardly…she’s put thought into the placement. So, Deb’s bowl will be reborn as yard art. Since I saw Maria’s pottery yard art, I’ve seen other examples. Sometimes I’ll find a yard that has a pretty tea cup placed in the ground at an angle. In some yards it stands alone, in others, someone’s placed a little plant inside and let it spread beyond the cup as ground cover. A charming idea, if done right. I can think of pieces I wish I’d kept so I could’ve used them this way… So, broken pottery can be decorative, can be used as plant pots, or, as shown in the photo below, they can be used for borders. Such a lovely idea…reminiscent of an English country garden.

Chipped plate border. Source: MJIphotos on Flickr


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