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Korean celadon on porcelain from the Koryo Dynasty

George's saggar-fired piece, celadon on porcelain

My husband, Mark, and I were talking about celadon glaze last night. He made the point that it was the perfect ceramic glaze for Arts and Crafts-style decor. Fumed quarter-sawn oak and orange shellac contrast well with its cool tones. I have to agree and I’ll give you the closest visual demo I can come up with on short notice. My teacher’s assistant, George, made such lovely pieces. This saggar-fired vessel is a good example, as it shows how well the soft green goes with orange. The following video is on the youtube channel of Lee Hyun Jo, a South Korean poet who is interested in the Arts. His video shows an amazing collection of Korean porcelain glazed with celadon from the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392). Wikipedia’s Celadon site states that “Some of the world’s most coveted and admired masterpieces of ceramics art were produced in Korea during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties.”

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