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Please ‘like’ our new Facebook business page!

Facebook like thumbUpdate: Many thanks to those of you who have ‘liked’ my page. Your response was so terrific and FB has granted us access to the biz page SEO tools I need. Thank you!

What better time to explore than in the fall, when the cold is setting in and we heed the siren call of the Internet? Just imagine it’s spring and you are setting off on a footpath through a beautiful wood…. In the fall, we can give ourselves permission to armchair travel, with a good book, taking the road less traveled or we can enjoy having the time to surf the Internet. Yes, we can do these things, all in the comfort of our homes, with a cup of tea or coffee at our sides. In a way, it’s perfect timing, because Tuesday, Jane Street Clayworks’ new Facebook business page went live! Duplication of content will be minimized, so there will be less information overlap with blog posts. You won’t be bored and communication will become more interactive! I would really appreciate it if you would become a part of the community by clicking the ‘like’ button on our page. If you want to go directly to my Facebook business page, click the link above…that way you’ll be able to take a look at the content. If you’re in a rush, you can just click the like button on the sidebar to the right. Either way, we’d sure appreciate your effort! Thank you in advance and here’s to  exploring! If you already have ‘liked’ it, thank you so much and now let’s go have some fun! — Jan



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Open Studio Update

Specimen of the typeface Georgia, Jim Hood, via Wikimedia Commons

BLOG: Good news! The Georgia font has been restored; the code is set on the main template! I am so happy about this I could jig! Next up is restoring slide shows. If you are looking at an article that has no graphics whatsoever, it is very likely it is missing the accompanying slide show. I will sort this problem out next. While I miss daily blogging very much (boo hoo), this break has given me the time I need to make crucial changes. Soon I will finish setting up adjunct sites that have yet to go viral, my Facebook page and Etsy site. My progress with my Etsy storefront continues. Right now, I’m at the postal package stage: figuring out rates for the different pieces I will be offering. Behind the scenes busy work, but important.

Northern Lights tile which came out of the kiln last week

STUDIO: Yesterday, I picked up finished tiles from the arts centre. Very pleased with the Northern Lights tiles. Each one is different and I no longer wonder how I am going to achieve the effect I want. Also, the black glaze is translucent enough to delineate trees and ground and the aurora looks real. Yippee! On another note, I wasn’t happy at all with the escutcheons. It would have been better had I not applied the results of my last glaze sample to the lot, as the glaze bled terribly. Back to the drawing board. Last night, I researched underglaze pencils, Choxils, and underglaze pens. I’ve used underglaze pencils before but it’s been years… That or underglaze watercolorsAmaco offers them, as does Duncan and Chrysanthos, Minnesota and Spectrum, a Canadian company. There are many other companies, too… I will also read Robin Hopper’s article entitled “Drawn to Surface: How to Make and Use Underglaze Pencils, Crayons, Pens, and Trailers.” I’ll talk with my Open Studio colleague, Nan, too, as she’s been using Amaco watercolor underglazes and is our Underglaze Queen. I believe the answer to my escutcheon tile ‘problem’ can be addressed with these specialty products and my goal is to find a ‘look’ I can replicate successfully. I originally wanted a watercolor brush stroke effect…. My budget is a factor, too, as I can’t order them all. Wouldn’t that be heavenly? Over the holidays the centre closes, so I want to lay the groundwork for projects before that time and have much to do this week. Does that sound familiar (smile)?


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Welcome to the new Jane Street Clayworks!

Sunrise in Ko Samui, Thailand.. Source: Lisa Tancsics/Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to Jane Street Clayworks‘ new address! I’m happy you are here and hope you will enjoy watching this blog grow, as you did with my former one. Plans are afoot… It will take me a while to get used to my GatorHost self-hosted site and there are many new tools I must become acquainted with before I am fully on board. So many new things! I wouldn’t be able to tell you how this all works, but it does and now I am on WordPress.org. This means I can use Google Analytics, too, which will be fun and informative. In addition, I will soon set up a Facebook and Twitter page. Jane Street Clayworks is almost a year old, which means many posts and buried information…good stuff. To make things easier to find, I will be expanding the blog categories, in addition to many other upgrades. Very soon, I will open an Etsy storefront which will feature my own work and, possibly, that of others. It’s all quite exciting! Tonight, all the connections from my old site will be redirected here. So, welcome to our new quarters! Slowly, you will see a change here or there. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I like doing it.

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