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As many of you know, Jane Street Clayworks recently moved from WordPress to a self-hosted site. Day by day, I am making improvements to the site and soon it will be better than ever! A few things that are on the agenda are as follows: feature stories and interviews, thanks to my new digital recorder, and new series segments, to name two. While it is taking time to get the hang of the changes that have taken place between sites, I’m slowly catching up. Next on the agenda is figuring out how to change fonts because I want to take it back to a serif face, as it is much easier to read.  I have yet to come up with a solution for a slideshow, but  that is also a priority. I also have to add a ‘share’ button at the bottom of posts, as that was a popular function before. Another thing I want to check on is whether people can subscribe to comments on posts. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along, as this is a good time to make changes and I want to be responsive to my readership. It’s all about you! The good news is that the e-mail subscription service is up and running. Please take a moment to subscribe to e-mail posts or a feed for posts and comments, both brought to you by Feedburner. Delivery time is between 1:00-3:00 a.m., so a new post will arrive in your mailbox every day, hot off the press. Just as you would walk outside to your mailbox for your newspaper, you can boot up your e-mail and find a fresh edition about all things ceramic. Whether the story is historical, current, pictorial, or a how-to, or a set of news briefs it will be sure to please. Take the time now to click on the box at the top of the sidebar to receive your daily post from Jane Street Clayworks! Thank you in advance… — Jan

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From magic lantern to digital slide show….

“If I want the rainbow, I have to put up with the rain.”

Just when I thought things were going a little better, I learned that none of the slide shows on the site are intact. I’m glad I found out when I did, though, because it helps me plan. I attempted to post a slide show tonight but it wasn’t user-friendly enough for a non-techie like me and it’s time to use my remaining grace period with WordPress Support to ask for help. I’ve given it my best shot. I would like a slide show program installed, along with an Etsy storefront, even though I’m not quite ready to use it, and the capacity to use serifed fonts, because I also noticed my posts are sans serif…yoiks. Because I’ve chosen to keep the communication thread going with you, in lieu of a ‘pretty’ transition behind the scenes while using an ‘under construction’ sign. Add subscriptions and Feedburner to the list, too. I’ll approach WP with a laundry list and feel grateful for any step that is made a little easier for me and, ultimately, you. The slide show biz is crucial, though, because the former ones either have no pics at all now or they’re outsized and run higgly piggly throughout the articles. This means that, once I have a slide show program that works, I’ll be restoring them as best I can and altering individual pics that are now a bit skewed, in relation to text. I cringed visibly when I looked at a page with pics that were too big…it really offended my designer instincts. This update also is my means of informing you that while I’m in for the long haul, things are continuing to go a little slower than I thought. I was confronted with an instance in which I needed to use CSS computer language today. It ain’t gonna happen…phew. Having laid my cards on the table, I am easing up to the extent that I can think happy thoughts. I have my grandfather’s old slide projector, a heavy black device that tucks away in its little carrying case. His movie screen is in my storage unit…the kind that has a surface made of what look like minute plastic beads… I’ve used them both and loved doing it each time. Each slide has to be viewed individually and when the lamp gets too hot, the whole projector has to be switched off. Several weeks ago, I also saw an old carousel-style projector at Value Village and it reminded me of when my Dad meticulously labeled slides and placed them in carousels with descriptive tags. The ‘old days.’ Dad and grandpa would have been impressed with the online slide show. So will I, once I’ve learned how to do it!

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