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Open Studio Report

Lately, all of my time is being spent producing inventory for the upcoming ArtWalk and my soon-to-be Etsy shop. Nose to the grindstone for several weeks… Tomorrow, I begin assembling pendants I have created for necklaces. I will use three pendants for each necklace, which will have graduated lengths. Stay tuned and I will post photographs soon. There have been a number of setbacks, but I’m working through them… Yesterday, I worked on the next stage of my new reliefs. Dragonfly and ginkgo leaf are pictured below. To these, I will add other classic Arts-and-Crafts motifs. That white stuff is corn starch, which prevents sticking. At present, I am scaling them down to the size I want, so the pic below shows Stage 2, the imprint made from the carving. Tomorrow, I will place them on the top of the faux woodstove, our gas fireplace till they’re bone dry, then take them in to the studio. After they’re fired, I will create the final imprint, dry, fire, then begin using them on B Mix, which fires white white. Then move on to my next design!

Dragonfly and gingko reliefs. Stage 2.

Well, between the paragraph above and the previous one I wrote for this space, my host server went down for maintenance. I thought I’d saved it to a text file, but it ain’t here and I’m going to leave it at that and show you something else. Last Saturday, friends met for our monthly creativity group, during which time we made prints. So, instead of trying to recreate what I just lost, I am going to show you what I made.

Tulips, red and purple ink.


Untitled, purple and red. Background is shadowed; it's actually pure white.

My posts have been spotty this month, but from now on, I’m back on schedule. On Friday, come read an interesting article on Malaysian water jugs, shaped so water stays cool. A friend sent me the photos. She lives there and in Ireland. Lovely jugs, very artistic, and the style has not changed for eons. The methods of production have been updated, but some still make them the old way… See you then!

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