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A lovely autumn wind chime you can make yourself!

In September, I posted this video an inspiration for fall projects. That was before the leaves had changed color and fallen. It seems like a good idea to show you again at the height of the season! For those of you who never saw my wordpress.com site, this video will be a lovely new experience for you! If you want to make something like this for yourself, follow these instructions… Gather leaves, roll out a thin slab, places the leaves on it, then, using a rolling pin, press the leaves down into the clay. Make sure you get the outline and veins. Cut out, make a hole in each, then dry flat (between plaster board). Decorate as you’d like after they’re bisqued, but remember glaze will make the leaves heavier. How about stains or thin washes of underglaze? Find nice sticks for a cross piece, get some heavy gauge fishing line or twine and there you have it! A big thank you to Wind and Weather for the idea… Your wind chimes are magical…

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