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The raw power of a horse sculpture

Detail, Horse Sculpture, by Gary Ruckman

Detail, Horse Sculpture, by Gary Ruckman

Last week, I saw Gary Ruckman working on a horse sculpture in the ceramics studio. The dynamism of the piece was the first thing that registered when I looked at it. It’s incredible! My friend is an expert horse sculptor and it’s always a pleasure to see his newest creation, but sometimes a particular one really gets to you, as this one did with me. The rawness of the piece, unfinished, only added to its appeal. I didn’t think to ask, but it appears to be a draft horse, judging by the legs, hair, and hooves.

What did I like about it? The twist of the lowered neck, the implied motion, strong and sure. I also like the way he works with manes and tails and each horse has a specific character that includes horse hair, along with musculature and stance. I’ve watched Gary’s technique morph over the five years I’ve seen him sculpt horses, but he’s been at it much longer than that. Since I’ve known him, he’s also taken a number of sculpture classes, some from artists who also specialize in horses, and he adds this knowledge to his own. I thought you’d like to see what he’s up to and it seemed especially appropriate, since today is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse! Gong Xi Fa Cai! (And while I need to reinsert the gallery, you can read more about Gary by clicking here.)

Full piece; horse sculpture by Gary Ruckman

Full piece; horse sculpture by Gary Ruckman


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Open Studio Update

Kneden van kleiWe were all quite busy during Open Studio today, all making headway on our various projects. The slide show below features the work of Nan, Joan, Taryn, Gary, Pauline and myself. I am happy to say that I have finally learned Flickr well enough to present photos with good resolution for this particular slide show. (Click any photo to be taken to the blog’s Flickr site, as the subtitles are visible there. These photos are larger size on that site, showing more detail. You can also work with the slide show’s toolbar here by hovering over the top or bottom with your cursor.)


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