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Ceramics News Briefs International

Obama reading newspaper

Obama reading newspaper. By White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche via Wikimedia

United States: Pottery given to Goodwill may well be prehistoric, The Buffalo News –  A most bizarre story…  An artifact from an Indian burial mound that was pilfered in 1970 was given to a charity recently. Though the vessel has yet to be dated, it could be 1000 years old. The charity in Buffalo New York posted it on its website, after which it was recognized. The upshot is that an Oklahoma Indian tribe has reclaimed the piece…

England: Commemorative ceramic ware for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is being turned out in rapid fashion. Here are a couple of links to stories about what’s being made and by the companies that are making it…
Diamond Jubilee causes surge in Stoke-on-Trent pottery sales
Ceres pottery’s jubilee goblet
Middleport Pottery plans £7.5m expansion to create 50 jobs,
Aussies going potty for ceramic artists, and
Lovely – Jubilee Events in Staffordshire!

Mexico: An Entrepreneur at the Vanguard of Pottery, The New York Times – A good feature story about Angélica Moreno. “She has been celebrated here in Mexico and worldwide for being the first to widely market a form of this region’s traditional handmade Talavera pottery that features contemporary high-end design.”

United States: Bobbleheads aren’t just for baseball, The Los Angeles Times – Let’s hear it for fuzzy dice and bobble heads! When I think of the latter, the classic  nodding doggy comes to mind, but now you can have a custom-made one for $100 if you have time for a month’s turnaround.  A fun story…

Vietnam: Passion for antiques, Vietnam Net Bridge – This is an interesting story about a collection of ceramic oil lamps owned by a Catholic priest in Vietnam. He has about 1400 pieces from 20 countries. “The lamps were made of various materials, such as clay, copper, iron, silver, glass, ceramic and porcelain. They were used indoors, outdoors, or on a train, a ship, a horse cart or a bicycle, or for religious ceremonies.”

Canada: Flora and Fauna: 400 years of artists inspired by nature at the National Gallery of Canada, artdaily– From now until September 9th, 2012, the national gallery is exhibiting a show entitled “Flora and Fauna: 400 Years of Artists Inspired by Nature.” “This is an exceptionally varied installation in terms of medium, scale and style. It includes drawings, prints, paintings, photographs, sculptures and ceramic works, ranging from the quiet and contemplative to the bold and the audacious. All the works except four are drawn from the collections of the National Gallery. Many great Canadian and international artists are represented, including Lorraine Gilbert, Aganetha and Richard Dyck, Geoffrey James, Bertram Brooker, David Milne, Lucian Freud, M.C. Escher, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Frederick Evans, Camille Corot, and Rembrandt.

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