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Grand Opening of site’s first amazon aStore!

Unidientified Orange FlowersBloomin’ lovely! Today we open our first amazon aStore! If you look on the toolbar above you’ll find the link. What this means is that Jane Street Clayworks has opened an amazon store that features goods sold in US currency. On Wednesday, I will open another one that trades in Canadian currency. An aStore is connected to amazon.com and you can shop through it directly, just as you would with amazon, ordinarily.

The template I’ve used is still a work in progress and I will be tweaking it over the next week. Basically, I have set up a store that offers goods in the following categories:

  • Books and Manuals (The Books and Manuals section includes print matter pertaining to ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. Also included are materials on creativity and art appreciation.)
  • Business (The Business section includes media focusing on business topics relevant to ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. )
  • Digital Products (Once it’s full, the Digital Products section will include DVDs, Kindle books, CDs and MP3s. Chosen topics are relevant to ceramists, potters, sculptors. In addition, for those interested, there is also material focusing on creativity and art appreciation.)
  • Magazines (The Magazines section includes magazines and periodicals about ceramics, pottery, or sculpting. )
  • Storage (The Storage section focuses on containers for storing and transporting tools.)

Jane Street Clayworks is now a multi-tool hub focusing on ceramics and creativity. I recently opened an online Etsy shop and you’ll find the link for that on the toolbar above, too. The aStore is a go-to store for resources, tools, and materials…aimed at artisans working with clay or those who are interested.

Sometimes, when you click on an item the next box that comes up will say something like,  “unavailable or we do not sell that item.” This is especially the case with the rarer books. Not to worry and I do know that it is like that… just click the link below where it it talks about availability on another part of the site. Once there, you can choose a seller close to you who uses the form of currency you do and you can purchase the item safely through them… because it is still through the Amazon site.



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A new Etsy shop and makeover for Jane Street Clayworks

Good news! Jane Street Claywork’s Etsy shop is up and running.

Online Shop
You can see my new Etsy shop by clicking the link above under the blog’s banner. Clicking will take you to a new page and my gallery, which is directly linked to my online store. More information about each piece can be seen by hovering your cursor over the photographs. Simply click an image and you will be taken to another window, my Etsy store. Etsy is an marketplace, if you’re unfamiliar with it. On the site, individuals have shops through which they sell their goods. It is a completely above-board enterprise that is safe to use. Transactions take place through PayPal, an online payment system. By using PayPal, a customer pays cash directly from their PayPal account or uses their credit cards, which are processed by PayPal. PayPal is also a safe method for making online purchases. As for my online shop, stock will increase over time. When something new is added, it is featured on the main Etsy page and I want that promotional boost. I’d love it if you took a look at my Etsy gallery by clicking the link on the toolbar above. No hard sell, I just want you to see what I’ve been up to and I’m proud that my little store is finally up!

New Banner
As you can see by looking at my Etsy shop, the artwork on the banner differs from what is shown above. Well, change is good. A new look for my blog will shake things up and get the energy moving. I have been working on these projects behind the scenes for some time and they’re ready to see the light of day! Change can smart, though, too. I’ve adored the image of the aggregate fence which is the basis of my blog banner…. It was created from this photo of a British garden wall. A change is needed, though. As I worked on the Etsy site, I realized my banner needed a softer look. By Monday, that same look plus my new logo will replace the current banner.

New Logo
When I first started blogging, I just used wordpress.com. I didn’t know I’d adore blogging and really make a go of it. I have, though, and am completely back in touch with my writing. Add to that a new shop and an eventual Facebook business page and I realized I needed a logo. As a graphic designer, I’d created many and am enjoying the process once again. Interestingly, it’s ended up being a joint adventure! First, I took to sketching, to come up with ideas. I wanted to do something with a terra-cotta pot and growth signifying creativity. In the midst of this activity, I mentioned my idea to my friend, Christina Ngo. She suggested that I work with a 45° angle. I liked her idea in more ways than one. For starters, the dynamism of a verticalRapidografi Staedtler line is a good design element.  So, my sketching continued and I incorporated the angle. At the same time, I had been researching plant sites looking for vines that appealed to me. I also investigated  plant symbolism because I like working with meaning, too. Not finding exactly what I wanted, I came up with my own, based on what I knew I wanted, a leafy vine with tendrils. Next, Mark gave me some of his Bristol board and I was ready to start inking. With technical pen in hand, I reached for the board… At that moment, Mark looked at my sketch, had an aha moment and suggested that I scan what I had drawn. I’d mapped out a grid to follow a 45° angle and drew my image over that. I did scan it and it looked great! So, all my banners will show my rudimentary sketch of the vine… My jingle is “growing creativity,” so a partially finished sketch is perfect. My work on the logo design evolved. I had wanted to constrain stacked letters into a flowerpot shape, using a nice Pantone terra-cotta. But, it wasn’t going to work well with the new banner idea. Too busy, visually. The idea was improved by stacking the Nickelodeon font, a nod to the Arts and Crafts style, and centering it on a plant pot. I’m also using Hoefler Text, which has a nice, rounded look. I’d studied fonts for several weeks, narrowing it down and testing them out. My friend, Connie Thoreson, suggested I shorten the vine, which I will do, too. As far as the technical end, I have my husband to thank because he is a whiz with Adobe Photoshop. We teamed up; I acted as the designer and he the technician. Working with 7 or 8 layers, we started achieving the look I wanted, with time left over for tinkering. Tinkering…the best part, if you don’t overdo it! I’m finalizing the logo and it’ll be up with new banner on my blog by Monday!

New banner, check. Etsy shop, check. New logo, soon. Next up is my Facebook business page….

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