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Lolling at Caffè Divano

Today, Gary, Nan, Otto and I will be lolling around at Caffè Divano in Port Moody. I’m sure part of our conversation will be about clay! A nice way to spend a summer afternoon… I wish you could join us!

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Open Studio Update

Keyhole tile, modeled after antique door plates called escutcheons. Accented with a vintage skeleton key.

A riot of colors! Today was a splendid spring day and I so enjoyed wandering down the hill to meet my friends for coffee. Seated in a booth at the Burrard Public House, we met for our weekly lunch date on Open Studio Tuesday. This week, I felt like an onlooker, as my wrist problems from overwork mean I’m on hiatus. Thank goodness for voice dictation; I don’t know how I would produce my blog, otherwise. Clay projects are on ice, as I’ll take the time to heal up good and proper… Last week, a lovely surprise arrived in the mail: a shipment of antique skeleton keys. There are so many different kinds; they vary greatly in size, shape, color, condition. Am happy to see them and I bought them to use with a decorative tile that has been through several incarnations. It was almost as if the design treatment it needed just took time to reveal itself.

Soft box with ginkgo leaf handle. White B Mix clay; celadon glaze.

Before I wound down  altogether, I took a  soft box class taught by Pauline Doyle at the art centre. Moving a little slow, I was only able to build two during the  allotted time. One has been fired but I will have to wait until I’m able to finish the last one. It is a lovely type of vessel and  they do have a softness about them. The second one is a floral/marine fusion. The lid handle is based on the frilly bits of a nudibranch. Amazingly beautiful creatures… I find that everything from the sea inspires! I remember with great fondness time spent at the University of Oregon’s marine laboratory in Charleston, Oregon. What an amazing place; world-class tidepools. May be entering a new phase here. I live alongside the sea but the last time I really explored a sea theme through clay was when I was landlocked, living in high desert terrain. It might be time to explore the shore and tidal zones once more… The Benthos calls…

Unfinished soft box that is more freeform, using both floral and sea elements

In the meantime, I’ve received a commission for a soft box from a woman in the state of Georgia. What a surprise! And in due course. Until I am back in the studio, I will be working on a few things I have been putting off. Funny how the Universe steps in and gently guides one’s direction. With a freed up schedule, I’ve devoted the last several days to backend work on my Etsy shop, which has yet to go viral.  Copywriting and designing my banner. Because the weather is so divine this week, I’ll switch gears and start taking photographs of my pieces outside in natural lighting. Soon, I will buy a postal scale so I can start figuring out postage rates in earnest. Etsy prep seemed daunting but if I just take one section at a time, I will be fine. In the meantime, I’m getting back to my regular blog posting schedule after a prolonged break and look forward to many more posts and the regularity of writing again. I hope you are having a most lovely spring or fall wherever you may be…

My sunrise tile with our new Shino glaze… so buttery and creamy…

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ArtWalk, Day 2, Port Moody Arts Centre’s Ceramics Department

Sunday brought warm weather and a festive atmosphere, as the ArtWalk participants shared workspace with the Open Studio crew at the Port Moody Arts Centre. The slideshow includes work by Dan Severance (thrown and handbuilt pieces), a studio member (sculpture), and Gary Ruckman (horse sculptures). Faux tattoo modeled by Sylvia Hardy.

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Day 1 of my little ArtWalk adventure

The weather is turning out very well for the ArtsConnect ArtWalk in Port Moody this weekend. Below are some shots of my work: prepping at home, then displaying at the Port Moody Arts Centre ceramics studio. Tomorrow, I’ll take some close-ups of my work….


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