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Jane Street Clayworks is changing to a M-W-F blogging schedule

ReiunIn GaunNoNiwa

Zen Garden: Tofukuji Reiun-in Gaun-no-niwa Kyoto, Japan. Source: PlusMinus via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes life hands you a chance to make things better for yourself and that opportunity breezed in last week. My car was in an accident but, at the time, no one was in it and no one got hurt. It was a wake up call for me, though. Life is precious and we must take care of it. Also, we are responsible for ourselves and if change needs to be made it is us that needs to do the changing. I paused long enough to see where I’ve come and to get an idea about where I’m going. My action will be a bit paradoxical, like a zen koan, because  I’m going to cut back to move forward. Daily blogging has been a great pleasure for me, as it’s given me the chance to get back in touch with writing again. The blog is not about me, though, it’s about you and, because of that, improvements must be made to make it better for you. Starting this week, I will be blogging three times a week with the following schedule:

Mon. – News Briefs (will begin next week)

Wed. – Open Studio Report (will begin this week)

Fri. – Article (will begin this week)

This new schedule will free up time needed to accomplish much needed behind-the-scenes tasks:

* reformatting photos that are no longer the size they were originally

* redoing slideshows that were lost

* figuring out how to restore the “Georgia” font

* indexing work

* install whatever needs installing to make Google Analytics work (I’m in a class about it Wednesday)

fuku-ji/hojyo east garden. Source: Hiro2006 via Wikimedia Commons

That’s for starters, but I’ll be incorporating what I learn in social media courses, too. It will be sad not writing every day because I so enjoy it, but there’s no time to do the work that needs to be done unless I cut back in some areas and devote more time to others. In addition, I will be investing more time in claywork, as it’s taken too much of a back seat. It’s taking longer to achieve what I want with glaze samples and my production end is suffering. The way to solve these problems is to focus, experiment and use elbow grease. There are other things

Garden of the Blissful Mountain at Zuiho-in, a subsidiary temple of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto, Japan. Zuiho-in was established by the Christian daimyo Ōtomo Sōrin. Source: Fg2 via Wikimedia Commons

waiting in the wings…an Etsy and Facebook. I learned last week that I need to limit myself to two to three social media efforts, so I will begin with those two and decide whether I need to branch out further later. It was my hope that I would be ready for Christmas sales, in local shops and through Etsy, but that’s not going to happen this year. I was disappointed when I made that realization, but I’ve had to concentrate on other things first. That is okay, as it means I can get used to working with Etsy with less pressure when it isn’t holiday-time. Today, after doing some interval walking training, I went out for coffee with Jennifer, then the to the library, then to get bus passes. The courses I’m taking are in Vancouver, a half hour away, so I’ll just take city transit, which I believe in. I’m home now, am sipping h2O, and reading, along with writing to you.

Kyoto-Ryoan-Ji MG 4512

Ryoan Ji, Kyoto zen garden. Source: Cquest via Wikimedia Commons

Thank you for being such a faithful readership. Soon, Jane Street Clayworks will be better than ever!


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