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As many of you know, Jane Street Clayworks recently moved from WordPress to a self-hosted site. Day by day, I am making improvements to the site and soon it will be better than ever! A few things that are on the agenda are as follows: feature stories and interviews, thanks to my new digital recorder, and new series segments, to name two. While it is taking time to get the hang of the changes that have taken place between sites, I’m slowly catching up. Next on the agenda is figuring out how to change fonts because I want to take it back to a serif face, as it is much easier to read.  I have yet to come up with a solution for a slideshow, but  that is also a priority. I also have to add a ‘share’ button at the bottom of posts, as that was a popular function before. Another thing I want to check on is whether people can subscribe to comments on posts. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along, as this is a good time to make changes and I want to be responsive to my readership. It’s all about you! The good news is that the e-mail subscription service is up and running. Please take a moment to subscribe to e-mail posts or a feed for posts and comments, both brought to you by Feedburner. Delivery time is between 1:00-3:00 a.m., so a new post will arrive in your mailbox every day, hot off the press. Just as you would walk outside to your mailbox for your newspaper, you can boot up your e-mail and find a fresh edition about all things ceramic. Whether the story is historical, current, pictorial, or a how-to, or a set of news briefs it will be sure to please. Take the time now to click on the box at the top of the sidebar to receive your daily post from Jane Street Clayworks! Thank you in advance… — Jan

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An invitation to subscribe to Jane Street Clayworks

It’s easy! Just click the button at the top right side of my blog or sign up with the RSS feed. You’ll receive notifications of new posts by email in summary form. There are many bells and whistles on the site. You might not have known you can subscribe to it.

Jane Street Clayworks offers you:

  • Daily posts about all things ceramic
  • Features and interviews
  • Coverage of the creative process
  • Accessible arts writing
  • Current events/workshop/exhibition calendar
  • Slide shows, photo galleries, and videos
  • Extensive resource library

These days, we’re inundated with bad news and a hurried workaday world. Take a break, pour a cuppa, sit down and read or watch.  Jane St. Clayworks is endearing….

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