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Holy electron microscope! Zoom into clay pot video

When I was in high school, I saw an ultracool video that showed  a camera zooming in on a mosquito then reversing  until we were in outer space. It was an amazing movie and had a big impact on me. Since then, technology has improved considerably and matter can be delved into much further. In this video, the viewer enters a ceramic vessel and the journey is incredible. It explores the “atomic structure of clay.” Put on your seatbelt! At first, it feels typically scientific, but quickly enters the realm of science fiction. Enjoy!

Zoom into Clay Pot by Weird_Weird_Science


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Ceramics News Briefs International


Today’s post comprises articles and a video about the first anniversary of the Japanese earthquake. Some of the articles focus on pottery, some on fundraising efforts, while others fill us in on what is happening in affected areas generally.

Kasama-Yaki (Made in Kasama)” by Yuki Kokubo, “An intimate look into the lives of two Japanese potters, and their reflections on life after the earthquake and tsunami disasters.”

England: Quake-hit village is boosted, This Is Cornwall –  An earthquake appeal by Leach pottery has raised more than £34,000 for Mashiko pottery village which sustained much damage from Japan’s earthquake that year ago.

Japan:  The Ides of March, Euan The Potter – A potter’s retrospective and update about the situation in Japan as it affects him. Euan Craig evacuated his family to Minakami… “Yesterday, Tochigi prefecture announced that harvesting of Shiitake mushrooms has been prohibited in Mashiko, Ichikai, Haga and Mohka due to unsafe levels of radioactive Cesium 134 and 137. ”

Japan: Tatsuzo Shimaoka Workshop Damage In Mashiko, Japan, Mashiko Pottery – “Our town is popularity known as the center of Mashiko-yaki pottery. Those of us engaged in pottery here have sadly seen our climbing kilns, electric and gas kilns, our various works that are our pride and joy, and our workshops sustain serious damage. We at the TSF firmly believe that, in order for Mashiko to regain its vigor, we should priority efforts to help repair and/or rebuild the damaged kilns. When the news of the damage Mashiko suffered spread overseas, many potters, who had once trained here under my later father Tatsuzo Shimaoka as their master, kindly offered to make contributions to help Mashiko. ”

Japan:  One-year anniversary of the great East Japan earthquake and  tsunami, Handmade for Japan – Anniversary post for an artist’s fundraising organization formed to aid the rebuilding effort in Eastern Japan.  “More than 320,000 people are still living in temporary shelters with little prospect of gaining access to permanent housing anytime soon. This is equivalent to the entire population of St. Louis, Missouri. These people have also had to endure one of the coldest winters in recent years.”

United States: Tohoku earthquake anniversary, MadSilence – General commentary about the state of the areas affected by the earthquake. “Reconstruction has been complicated by disagreements over whether villages should be rebuilt as they were or, in some cases, abandoned or consolidated with others.  Japan is still striving to help the thousands of pets that were abandoned after residents were forced to quickly evacuate areas around the Fukushima plant.”


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A lovely autumn wind chime you can make yourself!

In September, I posted this video an inspiration for fall projects. That was before the leaves had changed color and fallen. It seems like a good idea to show you again at the height of the season! For those of you who never saw my wordpress.com site, this video will be a lovely new experience for you! If you want to make something like this for yourself, follow these instructions… Gather leaves, roll out a thin slab, places the leaves on it, then, using a rolling pin, press the leaves down into the clay. Make sure you get the outline and veins. Cut out, make a hole in each, then dry flat (between plaster board). Decorate as you’d like after they’re bisqued, but remember glaze will make the leaves heavier. How about stains or thin washes of underglaze? Find nice sticks for a cross piece, get some heavy gauge fishing line or twine and there you have it! A big thank you to Wind and Weather for the idea… Your wind chimes are magical…

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Korean celadon on porcelain from the Koryo Dynasty

George's saggar-fired piece, celadon on porcelain

My husband, Mark, and I were talking about celadon glaze last night. He made the point that it was the perfect ceramic glaze for Arts and Crafts-style decor. Fumed quarter-sawn oak and orange shellac contrast well with its cool tones. I have to agree and I’ll give you the closest visual demo I can come up with on short notice. My teacher’s assistant, George, made such lovely pieces. This saggar-fired vessel is a good example, as it shows how well the soft green goes with orange. The following video is on the youtube channel of Lee Hyun Jo, a South Korean poet who is interested in the Arts. His video shows an amazing collection of Korean porcelain glazed with celadon from the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392). Wikipedia’s Celadon site states that “Some of the world’s most coveted and admired masterpieces of ceramics art were produced in Korea during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties.”

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