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Learning about self-hosted blogging day by day

I dream of the time when I can experience a new website that is completely set up, functional, and connected to the e-commerce and social media sites I choose.  Imagining keeping all the tops spinning. Bliss, at last…. Of course, sigh, that will be then and this is now. WordPress has transferred all of the data from my former blog to this one and I find myself having to make sense of the new situation, while, at the same time, learning how to use the new tools. This is not only out of my comfort zone but also my range of experience. Therefore, I hope you bear with me, while this writer/artist lives through her newbie self-hosted blogger phase. WordPress.com was Nirvana. I hardly had to think about the thing; all the tools were at my fingertips. In order to open a storefront, though, and have a link for it on my blog, I had to leave the nest. WordPress.org is more customizable, but I was nearly immediately confronted with gross assumptions. I thought all my bells and whistles would be intact. Well, I was able to add a YouTube video by plugging in my first-ever bit of HTML coding. Yet, I know nothing about computer language, so this may take a bit of time. I have yet to figure out how to successfully add little mini programs, called plug-ins, that will allow me to do some of the things I was able to do at the other WordPress, like slide shows or  an e-mail subscription service that works. (And isn’t ‘chiclets gum’? Mind boggling jargon. How about ‘floom?’) I have yet to figure out how to make the e-mail business work, but I’ve been working hard to figure it out. Connie suggested it might have to do with my hosted server, so I’m working on that angle. Clearly I’m on a  steep curve learning and must take it step by step, day by day. I also have had to create beaucoups accounts for all of the sites. Many passwords. Thank the stars for my Last Pass account! Yes, it meant one more formidable password to remember, but guess what? It’s the last! With Last Pass, I can securely keep all my passwords in a virtual safe deposit box. In addition, Last Pass can function through my homepage toolbar and generate and save new passwords for new sites as I need them. So, in goes HostGator, Feedburner/Google, WordPress, and a number of others that are behind the scenes. Gee, no wonder I’m having trouble keeping up! As if that ain’t enough, last night I started a Netflix trial… I was on the couch thumbing through the manuals for our HDTV, trying to figure out the activation code for streaming. Well, folks, that bit of effort, compounded by my blogger mania, made my poor little noggin go honk, tweet, hoot. Smoke started rising from my brain and shooting out my ears. My eyeballs were spinning. When they came to rest, I realized enough was enough. I bagged it all after several early attempts at the email subscription biz. Then, I hit the trail with friends in Shoreline Park at Rocky Point. The air was crisp and the bear kept her distance. Afterwards, we went to a cafe nearby, then I took them home. They live way up in the hills on the North Shore, so I was able to drive through sunshine and fall color. It was the perfect break! At Jennifer’s, I had a fond reunion with her son, whom I’d tutored several years ago…home on a university break. It was marvelous seeing him. When I left, Jennifer gave me beautiful Golden Delicious apples fresh from the Okanagan. Crunchy and juicy, tasting like real apples. I became rejuvenated and calm, enjoying the company of friends…. Tomorrow, I ride with them into the city for Afternoon Tea, what is sometimes called ‘high tea.’ It will be a splendid affair with soothing, aromatic teas, teensy sandwiches, and scrumptious scones and petit fours. This treat will give me the get up and go I need to come back and figure out a few things for you. Until then… Cheers! — Jan


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Low-key plans over Canadian Thanksgiving

This week I moved forward, I’m happy to say! Jane Street Clayworks is now an approved business name. In addition, the business is now registered in B.C. and my license is being processed. That’s the good news and it is indeed sweet to hear. I still have plenty to do: the site changeover and site redirect. I will also start working on a pine cone tile design tomorrow. I saw some lovely copper tooled versions and want to make some tiles with that motif. We have a shore pine in front of our house and I might go with that type. They’re long, slender, and smallish. I remember the enormous pine cones I once got in the Yosemite area. I have one in our office still. Gee, it’s enormous. It’s a three-day weekend here and everyone’s getting in a holiday mood. Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday. I actually have not planned a big dinner and we won’t be having turkey. It’ll be a two-person affair; low-key. Will do some fall clean-up, especially around the tall grasses, ferns and garden. Later, in November, we’ll be heading down to celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in ages. I’ll get my cranberry sauce fix then. It doesn’t mean the Spirit of Thanksgiving will be missing from our home, though. We have plenty to be thankful for and I acknowledge the many ways we’ve been blessed.

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Changing to www.janestreetclayworks.com

Hello, readers, artists and curiosity seekers! I wanted to keep you in the loop. Jane Street Clayworks  will shift from http://janestreetclayworks.com to http://www.janestreetclayworks.com any day now. It will then be a wordpress.org site. I chose Host Gator for my hosted server, thanks to Connie, who uses it and gave good reports. My domain is Canadian, but I opted for .com instead of .ca because it’s more universal. As soon as WordPress gets back to me about a site redirect question, we’ll be good to go. By Tuesday. I will give you more info as it comes down the pike, but want to let you know what’s happening. The site may look slightly different, but they’ll keep as much of the appearance as they can… I will miss wordpress.com; it’s been a sweet home and an amazing venue. Anyone can create a blog, choose from umpteen different designs, customize it, pick bells and whistles. The WordPress Happiness Engineers are on hand and highly responsive if need be. It is a lovely community and it’s where I learned how to blog. I am so grateful and appreciative. If you are interested, I’m sure it would be a great experience for you, too. And it is free! (You may have noticed a small ad at the bottom of my blog. It’s WP’s, not mine, and I think it’s the only way they made money from my blog. Quite discreet.) I know wordpress.org has its own group of devoted members, too, and I’ll soon be among them. I want everything to be up and running seamlessly before the one-year anniversary of this site, Oct. 26th. There is much work to be done and I am not a techie but, as they say, baby steps. I thank you so much for your support of this site and for returning for more. The site redirect means you don’t have to do anything but sit back and relax till we reach our new destination. The training wheels are almost off…


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Taking Stock of Jane Street Clayworks

Jane Street Clayworks has been running for a little over three months now and, during that time, I have pretty much let inspiration and free association guide me. Over the holidays, though, I met with Connie Thoreson, and she gave me good advice and I will be following up on her suggestions. One of the things I’ll be doing over the next week is to take an inventory of posts, study the topics I’ve covered, and the forms in which I’ve presented them. I will make a plan, chart the way toward presenting a greater variety of topics with regularity. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be working on a few other things, including starting guest blogs. The storyboard will take shape, too. More changes are in the works, but this will keep me going for a bit. I’ve just returned from the U.S., am in need of break, so tonight’s post is about my plans. Over the last nine days, I have had to post hurriedly and my writing and presentation may have not been up to snuff. I’ve gone back in and improved on a post here and there, but will now move on, concentrating on the present and future. It’s nearly February and, as of the 1st, readers will no longer be able to respond to my Readers Interest Poll. If you like to affect change and want your wishes to be known, please take my poll. If you have comments, please state them at the end of the post, as I’ve learned that  PollDaddy on WordPress is unable to filter comments for my last question. Thank you for your participation! What I am really looking forward to is studio time and this coming Tuesday, I will be back at the table, chatting with friends, catching up on projects, preparing for new ones, and enjoying lunch out. What with one thing or another, I have not been to the studio or even touched a piece of clay for a long time. For me, ceramics is soothing and I so look forward to a little creativity and bliss….

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