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From magic lantern to digital slide show….

“If I want the rainbow, I have to put up with the rain.”

Just when I thought things were going a little better, I learned that none of the slide shows on the site are intact. I’m glad I found out when I did, though, because it helps me plan. I attempted to post a slide show tonight but it wasn’t user-friendly enough for a non-techie like me and it’s time to use my remaining grace period with WordPress Support to ask for help. I’ve given it my best shot. I would like a slide show program installed, along with an Etsy storefront, even though I’m not quite ready to use it, and the capacity to use serifed fonts, because I also noticed my posts are sans serif…yoiks. Because I’ve chosen to keep the communication thread going with you, in lieu of a ‘pretty’ transition behind the scenes while using an ‘under construction’ sign. Add subscriptions and Feedburner to the list, too. I’ll approach WP with a laundry list and feel grateful for any step that is made a little easier for me and, ultimately, you. The slide show biz is crucial, though, because the former ones either have no pics at all now or they’re outsized and run higgly piggly throughout the articles. This means that, once I have a slide show program that works, I’ll be restoring them as best I can and altering individual pics that are now a bit skewed, in relation to text. I cringed visibly when I looked at a page with pics that were too big…it really offended my designer instincts. This update also is my means of informing you that while I’m in for the long haul, things are continuing to go a little slower than I thought. I was confronted with an instance in which I needed to use CSS computer language today. It ain’t gonna happen…phew. Having laid my cards on the table, I am easing up to the extent that I can think happy thoughts. I have my grandfather’s old slide projector, a heavy black device that tucks away in its little carrying case. His movie screen is in my storage unit…the kind that has a surface made of what look like minute plastic beads… I’ve used them both and loved doing it each time. Each slide has to be viewed individually and when the lamp gets too hot, the whole projector has to be switched off. Several weeks ago, I also saw an old carousel-style projector at Value Village and it reminded me of when my Dad meticulously labeled slides and placed them in carousels with descriptive tags. The ‘old days.’ Dad and grandpa would have been impressed with the online slide show. So will I, once I’ve learned how to do it!

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Welcome to the new Jane Street Clayworks!

Sunrise in Ko Samui, Thailand.. Source: Lisa Tancsics/Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to Jane Street Clayworks‘ new address! I’m happy you are here and hope you will enjoy watching this blog grow, as you did with my former one. Plans are afoot… It will take me a while to get used to my GatorHost self-hosted site and there are many new tools I must become acquainted with before I am fully on board. So many new things! I wouldn’t be able to tell you how this all works, but it does and now I am on WordPress.org. This means I can use Google Analytics, too, which will be fun and informative. In addition, I will soon set up a Facebook and Twitter page. Jane Street Clayworks is almost a year old, which means many posts and buried information…good stuff. To make things easier to find, I will be expanding the blog categories, in addition to many other upgrades. Very soon, I will open an Etsy storefront which will feature my own work and, possibly, that of others. It’s all quite exciting! Tonight, all the connections from my old site will be redirected here. So, welcome to our new quarters! Slowly, you will see a change here or there. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I like doing it.

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Farewell WordPress.com and thank you, thank you!

Sarcophagus known as the "Muses Sarcophagus", representing the nine Muses and their attributes. Marble, first half of the 2nd century AD, found by the Via Ostiense. Albani Collection, then Musei Capitolini; seized by Napoleon Bonaparte; exchanged in 1815; Louvre. Source: Jastrow (2006)/Wikimedia Commons

The switch to janestreetclayworks.com has taken place and I’m happy to say it looks beautiful and the same (give me a few days to catch everything up!). WordPress Happiness Engineers did a lovely job! Throughout the day, I’ve been thinking of WordPress, of the amazing opportunity it offers. I’m also drafting this on Canadian Thanksgiving and am feeling especially grateful and thankful. Fully sated on a full T Day feast, I’ve been reflecting. Hew Sutton, of Automattic, has been helping or days. It turns out that my e-mails to him had been bouncing back, so he had not received my mail letting him know I was ready for the changeover. Luckily, he saw my Thanksgiving post several days ago when I was fretting. He commented on my post and let me know the Big Event, the changeover, had already taken place. Now, there are a few other things to do…with my domain and then the site redirect, which transfers people and nibbly bits from this site to the other. I have yet to go behind the scenes to view the dashboard on my new site, as I just learned of its existence today and I’ve been celebrating the holiday, so haven’t had a chance. Before I leave this site, I want to say a few words of thanks to WordPress. Through it, I was able to reconnect with my Muse. No small feat. I’ve written before but not regularly for some time. WordPress gave me a venue through which I could not only express myself but do so in a graphically appealing way. Simply put, it has been an incredible experience. On Oct. 26, 2110, I started something for fun, to document my return to ceramics and explore all things ceramic through writing, graphics, photography, and video. This publishing tool called WordPress has everything anyone could ever need, tools aplenty, lovely ‘themes,’ and very responsive technical support. That’s where someone like Hew and his colleagues come in. They must have infinite patience to be able to work with an non-techie like me! But, they are warm and cheerful and, at all times, professional. Today, in the back of my mind, I’ve been blubbering internally at the thought that I’m leaving wordpress.com in days few. As an Adult Third Culture Kid, it’s hard to leave an established community. I must comfort myself by acknowledging that wordpress.org will undoubtedly be as welcoming. For the next two weeks, I’ll also be able to receive help with the new site, thanks to this guided transfer. Tomorrow, I will start investigating it, to see what it’s like and how it differs. I was afraid to go this route, I must admit. Having a hosted site means my training wheels are now officially off. But, I know if I’m patient and take it slowly, I’ll be able to figure it out just the way I did with this site. With a little help from my friends… Thank you, Hew, and everyone at WordPress for giving me a very memorable experience… Things are happening at the right time. How lovely…on Thanksgiving Day! — Jan 🙂

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Changing to www.janestreetclayworks.com

Hello, readers, artists and curiosity seekers! I wanted to keep you in the loop. Jane Street Clayworks  will shift from http://janestreetclayworks.com to http://www.janestreetclayworks.com any day now. It will then be a wordpress.org site. I chose Host Gator for my hosted server, thanks to Connie, who uses it and gave good reports. My domain is Canadian, but I opted for .com instead of .ca because it’s more universal. As soon as WordPress gets back to me about a site redirect question, we’ll be good to go. By Tuesday. I will give you more info as it comes down the pike, but want to let you know what’s happening. The site may look slightly different, but they’ll keep as much of the appearance as they can… I will miss wordpress.com; it’s been a sweet home and an amazing venue. Anyone can create a blog, choose from umpteen different designs, customize it, pick bells and whistles. The WordPress Happiness Engineers are on hand and highly responsive if need be. It is a lovely community and it’s where I learned how to blog. I am so grateful and appreciative. If you are interested, I’m sure it would be a great experience for you, too. And it is free! (You may have noticed a small ad at the bottom of my blog. It’s WP’s, not mine, and I think it’s the only way they made money from my blog. Quite discreet.) I know wordpress.org has its own group of devoted members, too, and I’ll soon be among them. I want everything to be up and running seamlessly before the one-year anniversary of this site, Oct. 26th. There is much work to be done and I am not a techie but, as they say, baby steps. I thank you so much for your support of this site and for returning for more. The site redirect means you don’t have to do anything but sit back and relax till we reach our new destination. The training wheels are almost off…


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