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Your brain and creativity

I’ve been spending a bit of time pondering the nature of creativity. At the same time, my husband has been consumed with book after book on String Theory… strings not particles, a parallel universe so close to our own that it’s only two inches away. Boggles the mind. A friend also posted about neuroplasticity recently on Facebook and later spoke of the brain’s remarkable ability to rewire itself. Then, tangentially, I read about a study that said that highly creative people are only several removes from schizophrenia, as measured by they’re dopamine levels. To be certain, the study seemed like quite a downer, on one hand, because one wants, at all costs to avoid such a fate, and, on the other, because it brings up stereotypes about creative types being crazy or needing to be alcoholic or druggies to create, i.e. Kafka, Poe, etc., which is just plain untrue. Anyway, all this has been roiling around in my, well…brain. So, I’d like to enter the sphere of creativity and brains. About creativity and how it relates to neuroplasticity. It’ll take a while to cover and post, but one must start at the beginning. (As I was researching earlier, I did come across a podcast about neuroplasticity and culture, addressed by a neuroscientist. It tweaked my Third Culture Kid self.) So, to start off my inquiry, I’ve given you two videos. One is a TED Talk by Amy Tan and the other a youtube video that it counters notions myths and gives advice. The Tan video is so funny and her accompanying AV is hilarious. The second video is a joy because it is so creative in and of itself. Enjoy!


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